Jeans Knitting Room Glorious Yarns & Beautiful Cottons for you

How We Got Started -

It has been quite a journey from there to here.

Located in the beautiful West Kootenays in southern British Columbia, Canada,

eleven years ago I had an idea.

Open a store where you could get wonderful fabrics and learn how to

quilt and do all those amazing things you always see at Quilt Shows.

And it worked!  I had the most wonderful time learning, and quilting, and meeting

so many talented quilters, not to forget all the vendors at the quilt shows I

went to and the shows that I worked as a vendor.

After a time, I was asked if I had ever considered carrying knitting supplies

as well as all the quilting supplies.  Being an avid knitter how could I not say

"What a great idea.  Let me look into it."  and we were off again.

After a time it was up and running and we now carry a good supply of wool,

mixed blends of wool and other fibers, knitting accessories, hand sewing

supplies, (DMC floss, Aida cloth, ribbon, etc.) and books and patterns to help out.

We ship direct to you as quickly as possible all the time.  Kits and lessons will

be added as time moves along.  Watch us grow!

 Thanks to all that have made this so enjoyable.  Our contact page is on the site. We

are always willing to help you with any questions you might have.

Explore our site, shop and enjoy!